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Le miel de Nouvelle-Zélande

Why is New Zealand honey so popular?

Honey is not just a sweet treat, it’s a natural marvel, a sugary treasure filled with hidden benefits. Amidst the numerous types of honey around the globe, one type has managed to gain unique attention — New Zealand honey. Why is this particular honey so sought after? Let’s dive into the universe of New Zealand honey to uncover the secrets behind its popularity.

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Q & A about Manuka Honey – Part 1

One of the most exotic, delicate and finest types pf Honey in the planet… Manuka honey raises a lot of questions among the public. At Totika Distribitions, we’re always pleased to share knowledge and information about this precious natural food that hasn’t unveiled all its secrets yet, albeit the large number of scientif studies conducted to understant its properties and benefits.

Q & A about Manuka Honey – Part 1 Read More »

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