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Our 100% natural propolis night cream regenerates radiance in tired skin while delicately maintaining skin pH balance.

Scientifically formulated as a natural moisturizer to nourish all skin types, this product is light and absorbs into the skin easily.

This product contains the antioxidant Propolis which boasts wound healing properties, enhancing cell growth and increasing blood circulation.

Natural minerals (Magnesium, calcium, and zinc) found in Propolis excels in rebuilding and rejuvenating dry and damaged skin.

The Camellia oil contained in this product is absorbed into the skin instantly, leaving a perfect smooth finish.

This rejuvenating Night cream creates moisture retaining barrier, perfect for moisturising and strenghtening normal and dry skin.

Éclat Rejuvenating Night Cream


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Specially formulated for sensitive and dry skin. Recommended for Rosacea, Acne and sensitive skin.
Aqua (Distilled Water), Citrus Aurantiumssp.amara (Orange flower water), Natural surfactants, Glycerol (vegetable Glycerine*), Natural solubiliser, Propolis, Ecocertapproved Preservative, Parfum, Limonene+

* Certified organic ingredients
+Component of natural essential
Every morning and evening, on wet skin, apply a small amount 1-2 pumps to your face in a circular gentle motion from the neck to the forehead, then down to the neck before rinsing with fresh water.
Consult your Pharmacist or Doctor to see if this product is recommended for you. Do not use on broken or infected skin. Not to be consumed.
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